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Scheduling your Event at a Kent County Park or Trail

raceIf you're planning any kind of competitive or fundraising walk, race or similar event, please call us at (616) 632-PARK to discuss your plans and options. Our office is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except major holidays.

Millennium Park is especially popular for large races and walks due to its extensive trail network, scenic environments, varied support facilities and ample parking. All walks, runs and races at Millennium Park will be based in the new Meadows area east of Maynard Ave, rather than in the Recreation Area on the west side. The Meadows features separate bathroom facilities, primary and overflow parking, and a 52' x 119' picnic pavilion (more than twice the size of our normal picnic shelters). The event fee for the Meadows area is typically $700 per day, though this may vary according to the unique needs of different events. The Meadows also features a large lawn amphitheater area. Please note, if you make an online reservation for Picnic Shelter A or B on the west side of Maynard Ave for a walk, race, run or similar event, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation in order to move your event to the Meadows area.

In other parks, fees will vary based on the facilities needed by your particular event. Generally we charge a $200 trail occupancy fee for walks, runs and races. Your group also may want to reserve a picnic shelter, picnic areas or other facilities. For an overview of our rental facilities, please visit our main reservations page.