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Pinery Park - Wyoming Parks and RecWith so many parks in West Michigan, it's easy to be unsure about which park is managed by which organization. The good news is, to enjoy a park you don't need to know whose logo is on the sign! But, if you're looking for more information about a particular park, or want to reserve facilities there, you'll need to know where to go.

Below is a short list of the parks people most often ask us about, even though they're managed by somebody else. Hopefully this will help get you on the right track. Feel free to call us at (616) 632-PARK if you're still not able to track down the park you want!
Familiar Parks Managed by other Agencies and Organizations
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Park Who to Contact for More Information
Roselle Park Ada Twp Ada Township Parks Dept. (616) 676-0520
John Collins Park (Reeds Lake)  east grand rapids East Grand Rapids Recreation Dept. (616) 949-1750
Richmond Park
Riverside Park 
Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Dept. (616) 456-3696
John Ball Park John Ball Zoo John Ball Zoo Society (616) 336-4301 x4003
Kelloggwoods Park Kentwood Kentwood Parks and Recreation Dept. (616) 531-2391
Hager Park
Grose Park
Spring Grove Park
Ottawa County Ottawa County Parks and Recreation (616) 786-4847
Versluis Park Plainfield Twp Plainfield Township Parks (616) 363-9399
Frog Hollow
Ideal Park
Lamar Park
Pinery Park
wyoming Wyoming Parks and Recreation Dept. (616) 530-3164